Westar Display Technologies offers a broad range of Display Quality Assurance solutions and video processing components.

Display Measurement Systems: Our Display Optical Performance Measurement Systems drive, test, and measure flat panel displays of all sizes and formats. Our solutions give display developers, OEMs, LCM factories, and Brands the power and flexibility to fully test and characterize image quality performance in an R&D, production, or QA/QC environment.

Westar's FPM H Series Display Measurement System is in wide use throughout the notebook, monitor, TV, industrial, medical, and aerospace markets. Available in varied sizes and motion base configurations, the FPM series is built on our industry standard ViewPoint .NET Software architecture and leverages National Instruments TestStand as the automation test executive. FPM Systems integrate all popular light measurement devices, third party test pattern generators and power supplies, and our own LCD Testers and Optical Instruments. We support all relevant display measurement standards (such as ICDM/FPDM/ISO/TCO/SAE/JEITA) and offer an array of pre-programmed test suites that complete these standard tests in Excel report format.

Our QuickTest II Cell Phone Display Measurement System measures a full gamut of electrical & optical parameters on small format displays for mobile applications. The QuickTest II is used by cell phone display manufacturers throughout the world. Using the T-Drive SD-100 (for small displays) and an embedded sensor suite including a spectroradiometer, TRD-100A, and CCD imager, QuickTest II performs a full suite of tests in less than 30 seconds.

Our GL-RT Gray Level Response Time Measurement Kit combines our T-Drive with our TRD-100 temporal response detector and automation software to perform grey-level response time measurements. The GL-RT automatically measures and analyzes all intermediate gray level transitions of a flat panel display. Graphical and spreadsheet tools allow the resulting response time data array to be visualized and analyzed easily.

The new MotionMaster Motion Picture Response Time Measurement Kit plays a critical role in measuring and assessing motion blur artifacts in LCD TVs. Using a proprietary camera design and standards-based measurement algorithm, the MP-RT is useful to display designers during display drive and motion compensation design, as well as to Brands to characterize the motion performance of a display.

Our bench-top T-Drive LCD Tester is used in both automated systems (see above) and in manual testing of various display components. Various models of T-Drive can drive cell phone (CPU/SPI/MDDI/MIPI), notebook (LVDS/DisplayPort), monitor (QLVDS/DisplayPort), TV (QLVDS/TMDS) panels, and other specialty flat panel displays, using built-in and down-loadable test patterns. Programmable timing and voltage profiles fully define the DUT interface and enable efficient validation of panel performance. Custom interconnect solutions are available.

In 2009, Westar became the North American distributor for Topcon Optical Instruments from Topcon Technohouse of Japan. We deliver a range of Topcon luminance meters, spectroradiometers, and uniformity analyzers as stand alone instruments or fully integrated with our display measurement systems.

Video Processors and LCD Controllers: Our video processing components are widely used in professional visual systems.

Our VP series of video adapters / LCD controllers / specialty video conversion components are used by custom display manufacturers due to their user configurability and robust feature set.

EZwindow Video Combiner combines up to 5 inputs into a unified, windowed output for displays up to 1920x1200, while supporting most common video combining techniques, including luma key, chroma key (RGB and HSV) and alpha blending.

For applications using dual link DVI video, our EZwindowHR Video Combiner combines one dual link DVI input and up to 5 standard resolution inputs for dual link DVI displays up to 2560x1600. This product also supports most common video combining techniques, including luma key, chroma key (RGB and HSV) and alpha blending.

EZscan Video Processor is a single video channel processor. EZscan rotates video and converts between video formats such as STANAG, RS-343, DVI, RGB, NTSC, and PAL. EZscan II Video Processor, performs the same functions as EZscan, at resolutions up to 1920x1200.

Our EZblend Video Combiner performs video blending, overlays, and keying with many common and specialized blending techniques.

Finally, the new HRED-J2000 JPEG2000 Accelerator provides real-time JPEG-2000 compression and decompression of multiple high-resolution video streams on a PCIe plug-in card.

Whether you're a display developer, manufacturer, OEM, Brand, or display system end user, contact Westar Display Technologies to discuss your requirements for display drive, test, measurement, and quality assurance. Westar Display Technologies leads the industry with innovative solutions for ensuring image quality and the best visual experience for your customers.