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Advanced Link Photonics, Inc. is an outdoor display solutions provider and a world leader in sunlight readable LCD enhancement technology. ALP owns a series of patents in transflective LCD passive enhancement technologies.

Through ALP's own research and development, in 2002 ALP developed and patented a passive LCD transflective enhancement technology, one that optimizes the transmissive and reflective illuminations of a regular LCD to produce a sunlight readable displays suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. This resulted in the TrioLCD line of products, the first passively enhanced transflective LCDs on the market with direct sunlight readability. Applying the same optical knowledge about LCD, we have also developed the polarized touch integrated sunlight readable display, RT-TrioLCD, LED backlight enhanced LCD, TriuLCD, and the polarized touch/LED backlight enhanced high bright LCD, RT-TriuLCD, that are now widely used in military and industrial applications.