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Founded in 1997 based on research started at the MIT Media Lab, E Ink Corporation is the leading supplier of electronic paper display (EPD) technologies. Products made with E Ink's revolutionary electronic ink possess a paper-like high contrast appearance, ultra-low power consumption and a thin, light form. E Ink's technology is ideal for many consumer and industrial applications spanning eBooks, eNewspapers, eTextbooks, watches, smartcards, electronic shelf labels, battery/memory indicators and public information and promotional signs. E Ink has commercialized many different forms of "Electronic Paper" solutions over the past ten years. E Ink's customers include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Casio, Citizen, Hanvon, Hitachi, Lexar, Motorola, Plastic Logic, Samsung, Skiff and Sony.

In December 2009, E Ink merged with Taiwan based Prime View International (PVI), E Inks development partner since 2005 and its largest customer. This merger enables the new company to leverage an extensive IP portfolio, experienced employee base, advanced technology, and production expertise to rapidly expand its EPD business and to develop new markets. Today E Ink/PVI is the global leader in the electronic paper display industry.