Tru-Stone Technologies mission is to be recognized as the worlds premier provider of precision granite and other mediums by delivering superior value as measured by customer service and responsiveness, product quality, technical expertise and innovation. Tru-Stone will cultivate an environment that creates financial stability and develops, challenges, values and retains high-quality team members.Tru-Stone Technologies main focus is delivering custom products that solve your precision base needs. We collaborate with engineers to understand your needs and add the value of our experience to optimize designs for price and performance.

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Tru-Vac Vacuum & Air-lift Technology Solutions

Tru-Vac Vacuum & Air-lift Technology Solutions

Tru-Stone provides both standard and custom solutions for processes requiring vacuum chucking, positioning or air-lift part transfer. The innovative Tru-Vac technology integrates the stability and precision flatness of granite with a porous medium, usually ceramic. Tru-Vac can eliminate the need for mechanical clamping with its inherent part distortion or the risk of damage by utilizing vacuum draw at specific locations or distributed over the entire surface of your part or substrate. Conversely, Tru-Vac technology can be utilized to provide positive pressure to allow your delicate parts to glide on a cushion of air from which they can be safely lifted or transferred to the next operation. read more