The "Perfection in Precision" culture produces plastic and stamping elements combined into a very small outline connectors; available family types: Cabline®, MiniFlex®, MHF®, and EvaFlex®.

Cabline®- is used for high speed transmission of data and has become an industry standard on embedded panels with LED backlights.
MiniFlex® is a FPC connector that has a back-flip actuator to secure the tail and is available in 0.3mm and 0.5mm pitch in low profile & narrow features.
MHF® are low cost, miniature high frequency, stamped, RF connectors for WLAN, WWAN, GPS, 3G and more embedded radios/antennas.
EvaFlex® is a 0.5mm pitch FFC connector that has automatic locking features upon insertion and is available with shielding in 41p and 51p for use with high data rate FFC with single sided shielding or in a lower profile non-shielded version EvaFlex®-SE.

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