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QCI is dedicated to developing processes to fit your engineering requirements. From initial concept to finished product in aviation, aerospace, medicine and the military, our expert staff will work with and for you. Our conscientious and rapid response to prototype development eases the transition from concept to growth.

Since its founding in 1990, Quantum Coating, Inc has emerged as a leader in the field of optical coating technology under the visionary guidance of founder, President and CEO, Dan Patriarca. With state-of-the-art deposition equipment, glass fabrication and metrology all housed in a new high tech facility, QCI is now a premier supplier of coated windows and display panels for avionics and related industries. Transparent conductive coatings, broad band antireflection (BBAR) and multilayer all-dielectric filters for night vision (NVIS) are routinely produced on flat panels, filters and precision optics.

In April 2007, QCI acquired Denton Vacuums Optical Coating Division, bringing an enhanced, complimentary product line, additional production capacity and a wealth of optical coating experience to an already thriving company.

In May, 2007, we gained ISO9001 certification, highlighting Quantums long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction through a well documented, quality system.For more company highlights