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For over a decade Bi-Search Int’l (BSI) has been a provider of leading edge display solutions for the TFT LCD market. As one of the largest and oldest authorized distributors and value-add centers for LG Display LCD, we offer a wide variety of display solutions and sizes.

In addition, BSI is at the forefront of LCD optical enhancement technology. We offer both passive and active enhancement capabilities which are performed in our very own, on-site clean room. Such enhancements include increased brightness and contrast, sunlight readability, and reflection/glare reduction.

Taking it a step further, we also provide various levels of integration from simple touch screen attachment to full blown custom display assemblies. With our extensive LCD background and the support of our world class manufacturers, BSI looks forward to being your display solutions company.

Who we are:
- Authorized LG Display provider in North America
- Strong US display market presence
- Over 15 years of TFT-LCD experience
- Project/Design focused marketing strategy
- Authorized value-add/enhancement provider for LG Display

Capabilities overview:
- A/R, A/G – antireflective and antiglare film laminations
- Bonding – Index Matched Optical bonding of optical filters and touch screens
- Passive Enhancements – addition of optical compensation films and reflectors
- Active Enhancements – addition of custom CCFL and LED lighting solutions
- Touch screen attachment
- LCD and display repairs

- Incorporated in October 1995 at San Jose, CA
- Authorized distributor for LGS/LGE in 1996
- Relocated in 1997 to Tustin, CA
- Authorized distributor for Dicon Elecrtonics in 1998
- Authorized value-added distributor for LPLA in May 2000
- Authorized distributor for Digitech Touch Screen in 2003
- Established Bi-Search Korea, Co. LTD in January 2004
- Authorized distributor for Gunze Touch Screen in 2006
- Authorized distributor for A-Value in 2006
- Achieved ISO 9001:2000 in October 2006
- Authorized integrator for 3M DST and Capacitive touch in June 2008