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Since 1966, Epoxy Technology Inc. (EPO-TEKĀ®) has manufactured high quality, specialty materials for advanced industries worldwide. Today, EPO-TEK produces a full range of premium epoxy adhesives and coatings for the display & haptic applications market including: ITO interconnects (electrically conductive), gasket & plug sealing of LCD glass plates, glob top of wire bonds, die attach of LCD to PCB for heat sinking, piezo electrode bonding and laminating optical glass plates & PZT ferroelectric layers. For processing efficiencies, most of Epoxy Technology two-component adhesives are also available as single components, premixed and frozen syringes (PMF), along with additional specialty packaging. Epoxy Technology provides superior quality, excellent customer service and unsurpassed technical support.

All Epoxy Technology products are tested thoroughly and consistently to ensure product reliability. Epoxy Technology is very proud of its recognized quality program, including comprehensive ISO 9001 and MIL STD 883/5011 certifications as well as RoHS Compliance and Green Partnerships.