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Color Meters


Admesy offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on colour and light measurements in all environments ranging from the R&D lab to the production floor.

Providing customers with innovative test & measurement solutions tailored for colour and light measurement in production processes. It has been the mission of Admesy since the company was founded in 2006 to seek for stable, reliable and accurate measurement devices. Within a decade, Admesy successfully developed this mission statement and became a well-known brand for a range of user-friendly and robust light and colour measurement devices. The current product portfolio includes light meters, spectroradiometers, colorimeters and 2D imaging colorimeters as well as accessories like stabilized light sources and integrating spheres.

With a background in display manufacturing, it is no surprise that one of Admesy’s leading application areas is display measurements. The product range for both large and mobile display measurements now covers all essential needs to measure parameters like luminance, colour, flicker, response time and display uniformity. All at high speed and with high accuracy and repeatability.

Highly accurate measurement demands play an important role in the booming world of LED and solid state lighting. Handling optical characteristics such as differences in brightness, colour and flicker are not only considered an aesthetical aspect of good lighting products, but are also directly related to human well-being and health. In addition to standard illuminance, spectral power distribution and flicker measurements, Admesy continuously follows the latest standards and recommendations to allow the industry being able to respond immediately.

Admesy also plays an important role in supporting highly specific applications like OEM spectrometry and analysis measurements based on colour and light measurement where repeatability, stability and accuracy are key. On both large and small scale with one-off units, Admesy has proven its strength and ability to serve any customer offering configurational flexibility tailored to their specific measurement needs in production lines and R&D labs.

At Admesy we continue to innovate, finding new, faster and more accurate measurement solutions. This all, to pursue our mission to provide our customers with innovative test & measurement solutions.