Digital View
Design & supply of LCD controller boards and accessories for companies making LCD monitors and display systems such as:
- Rugged / Industrial Displays
- Defense, Security & Avionics Displays
- Digital Signage Retail & Outdoor Displays
- Video Broadcast Monitors
- Marine Information & Entertainment Systems
- Medical & Diagnostic Displays

The LCD controller range covers all of the main video signal formats, standard LCD panel resolutions up to 4K and LCD panel interfaces such as LVDS, V-by-One, eDP and TTL as well as providing very extensive control functionality. Digital View combines in-house product development with high quality standards to provide LCD controllers and accessories that are fit for purpose.

Why Digital View
Digital View was founded in 1995 and has 20 years experience enabling the best displays in the world. A pioneer in the specialty LCD controller market, Digital View provides a highly skilled engineering team with customization and support services, plus a wide range of display accessories. Digital View:
- Provides the engineering expertise and technological bridge to the changes and future trends within the industry
- Compresses your time-to-market
- Reduces development ROI relative to in-house controller design

Though most of our customers purchase and install Digital View products without modification, as our core boards are designed with the COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) philosophy in mind, customization is a regularly used value added service. These COTS controllers offer maximum panel and system support, legacy- and forward- compatibility, and 100K+ hour MTBF ratings. Our Product Lifecycle Extension program is designed to match the needs of longer lifecycle display projects.

Contact Digital View to enable your display objectives.

Product Showcase

SVX-1920 LCD Controller

SVX-1920 LCD Controller

The SVX-1920 is a fully buffered mult-sync interface controller for providing analog and digital connection for a wide range of TFT LCD panels up to WUXGA resolution. It is a true 10-bit board that gives 10-bit

Full 10-bit panel support with billions of colours for sperb image quality. Full screen image expansion of lower resolutions with on-screen PIP functions. OSD menu transparency, variable position and input combinations. Programmable hot keys, RS-232 and optional ambient light sensor control. Supports optional HD-SDI for professional broadcast video applications. Complete display management via Ethernet or RS-232.
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