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Ito America is part of the Ito Group of companies. Headquartered in Japan, and with branch offices in across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Ito Group specializes in complex assembly and micro-joining applications. Our ACF equipment touches more than half of all mobile phones made, and we are well-known for our ability to successfully take new designs from proof-of-concept through high volume mass production with professional attention to quality, design for manufacturability, and strict adhesion to delivery schedules. Whether you need to select an anisotropic conductive adhesive, weld micro-joints on coaxial cables, dispense precision amounts of epoxy or conformal coating to complete an assembly, or need a partner to source and manage a production factory for you in Asia, Ito Group offers the service and technical support your company needs to succeed in high density electronics assembly.

Ito America selects, sells, and supports the following products:

Anisotropic Conductive Films, Pastes, and Adhesives
Ohashi and Ito Brand ACF/ACP Processing Equipment
Nippon Avionics Welding Equipment
Musashi Engineering Dispensing Equipment
High Density Flexible Printed Circuits
ACF Assemblies in Low, Medium, and High Volumes
Mechanical and Process Design Services for ACF Assembly
Failure Analysis for ACF Assemblies