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The (R)Evolution of Liquid Crystals

We started offering high quality Liquid Crystals at the beginning of the 20th century when they were a lab curiosity and we were still there when the first LCD was demonstrated in 1968.

With our pioneering role as an innovative specialty chemicals supplier, long-standing expertise in advanced LC materials and passion for constant innovation, we aim to enhance quality of life by promoting the development of future display technologies. Yet, we are not satisfied: To further improve display performance and meet customer requirements, we are continuously introducing better single liquid crystals and customized liquid crystal mixtures to strengthen established technologies. We also work hand in hand with our customers on new and unique display materials to enable new technologies for TVs, mobile phones and other devices.

We Focus on:

•State-of-the-art display materials for advanced LCD technologies like UB-FFS (Ultra-Brightness Fringe-Field Switching), PS-VA (Polymer-Stabilized Vertical Alignment), Vertical Alignment (VA), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and newly launched Self-Aligned VA (SA-VA).
•Premium OLED materials for vaporization on glass or flexible substrates, as well as OLED inks for printing processes.
•Reactive mesogen formulations to improve image quality of LCD and OLED applications and for use in 3D screens.
•Photoresist materials to develop higher resolution displays.
•Cadmium-free Quantum materials to increase light throughput and an extended color range.

Key products:

licristal®: State-of-the-art liquid crystal mixtures for cutting-edge technologies
licrivue®: Ready-to-use formulations with reactive mesogens for optical films used for 3D technology and OLED displays
isiphor®: Superior phosphors for LED lighting for LCD backlighting and lighting applications
livilux®: OLED materials for vacuum deposition and for printing processes

We develop new liquid Crystal applications

Next to the development of materials for energy-efficient displays, we put the spotlight on liquid crystal applications “beyond displays”:
•Smart antennas for mobile reception and high-speed data transmission
•Lighting systems for automobiles and architecture
•Energy-saving liquid crystal windows for daylight control systems

350 years of curiosity

We are Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a pioneering company that advances technologies for life. Across healthcare, life science and performance materials, we design, develop and provide specialty and high-quality products. These products can be life-changing, influencing how we address major illnesses, or integral to the electronic devices we have come to rely upon in our day-to-day lives. From cancer therapies and laboratory tools, to the screen on your Smartphone or the color of your car – our ideas are everywhere.

Join us in celebrating 350 years of curiosity. The power that connects us as partners, drives human progress and challenges us to imagine the next 350 years. We draw strength from our past to meet present and future challenges and help create the future.